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Kansas Partnership for Improving Community Health

Kansas Health Matters is a one stop source of non-biased data and information about community health in Kansas. It is intended to help hospitals, health departments, policy makers, community planners and members learn about issues, identify improvements and collaborate for positive change.

Get started on Kansas Health Matters! Compare your Kansas county's health with other Kansas counties, the nation, and 2020 targets with a variety of health indicators. Create your own reports in the report assistant. Learn about promising practices on a variety of topics that affect community health.

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Plan Implementation and Monitoring Development of Community Action Plan Engagement and Prioritization Data Collection and Analysis Preparing for Community Health Needs Assessment


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Over a period of several years, the Immunize Kansas Kids coalition has produced a wealth of information and evidence on how to promote good immunization practices in our state. Now it is time to disseminate that evidence and make it broadly available to our practitioners. This partnership with Kansas Health Matters is going to do exactly that.” – Dr. Gianfranco Pezzino on the new IKK page
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