Michigan Diabetes Outreach Network (MDON)

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The Michigan Diabetes Outreach Network (MDON) is composed of six regional Diabetes Outreach Networks. As part of this program, the networks have a Diabetes Care Improvement Project and work with over 150 agencies in the state. The agencies include physician offices, community health centers, home care agencies, state certified diabetes self-management education programs, and a range of other health care providers. The networks collaborate with the agencies to ensure that people with diabetes receive care according to current American Diabetes Association (ADA) clinical practice recommendations. Data are collected during the initial patient visit and follow-up appointments to determine how to improve care.

Goal / Mission

The goal of the network is to improve care and health outcomes for patients with diabetes.

Results / Accomplishments

The data through 2001 for A1C monitoring, foot exams, and microalbuminuria (kidney disease) assessments (all done at least once annually) show a significant improvement in the number of people with diabetes who have these tests done. A1C tests increased from 14% in 1996 to 78% in 2001 and foot exams increased from 58% to 77%. Microalbuminuria tests were added to the data system in 2000 and increased the number of people tested from 22% to 28% in 2001. MDON clients also reported significantly improved physical activity levels and nutritional planning.

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